In anthropology, liminality is the quality of ambiguity or disorientation that occurs in the middle stage of rituals, when participants no longer hold their pre-ritual status but have not yet begun the transition to the status they will hold when the ritual is complete.

We are an architecture and real-estate development office located in Montevideo, Uruguay. Founded in 2016, we work from the understanding that our methods, ethics and processes are ever-evolving and non-conformist. We strive for perfection while providing our clients with top notch assistance and professionalism, knowing that our best work is yet to come.
Our firm is composed by two offices that compose the general branches of LIMINAL:
   1. Liminal Architecture, focusing on providing design services for hospitality, residential and commercial projects.
   2. Liminal PRO, focusing on professional services for large scale developments, such as project management and business development.



Executive Project

Liminal designs high-quality architecture projects through thorough site analysis, strong client involvement and innovative solutions. We carry on-going programs within our office to broaden our design capabilities.

Financial Assessment

Early stage investment analysis and financial viability: our team of experts provides a complete project feasibility study. During construction we oversee cash flow and construction quantities, equipment and crews, using Primavera Project Planner.

Project Management

Our PMP training is focused on achieving Value Added Engineering to every project we oversee. We craft and implement quality assurance methods throughout construction specific to each project, and specialize in overviewing turnover and set in motion for every stakeholder involved.

Building Information Modeling

We work with BIM to deliver and organize work in 2-D and 3-D. Modeling software is used for computer representation of all building components. Liminal produces models for architectural design, construction planning, rendering, visualization and simulation analysis.

Interior Design

Our services range from designing custom furniture to providing 360º services for large scale ventures -design, specifications, purchasing and installation. We attend fairs such as Salone del Mobile and Maison et Objet annually to broaden our portfolio of more than 200 suppliers around the globe.



Liminal is a team

Our foundation is understanding architecture as a whole that succeeds from the collaboration among several disciplines. Respect, teamwork and openness are the cornerstone of our office.

Liminal is sustainable

We recognize our responsibility in influencing the effect our projects have on the environment. We take into account not only energy and carbon footprint during construction but also performance during the life-cycle to assess our clients.

Liminal listens

We concentrate on accomplishing the client´s objectives through a deep understanding of their necessities, adding along the way our unique prompt.

Liminal is curious

To get better results we need stronger solutions. We are constantly researching all of our fields of expertise in a quest to improve the services we offer.

Liminal is collaborative

Collaboration within our office strongly translates into collaborating with clients, subcontractors, and stakeholders teaming up in an attempt to achieve the highest value of a project.

A Liminal Society

Getting involved in society’s well-being is one of our main responsibilities as Architects. We are always on the lookout for NGO’s with exciting proposals in need of our professional assistance. We treat the selected projects equally as any other client from our office. Contact us below if you want to apply for the program.


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